Aromatheraphy Galileo

Aromatheraphy is one of the most known treatment  to
body well-being. Everybody is able to get pleasure when
hot oil is spread over the skin. The best essential oils we
can recommend in erotic massages are cinnamone, rose,
lavender and plumb. During an erotic massage it is very
important to prepare the skin to the session. A shower
is the previous step. Once you are ready to get the
massage, just leave your problems away and enjoy it. If
you choose one of our erotic masseuses located in
Galileo Street the experience will be sublime. We are
going to explain you all details about the Galileo erotic
massage. It consists in a body to body massage, full
body is caressed with the tender and delicate hands,
breast and forearms over you. Oils make fell you better
because they activate your five senses. Relax and think
positive. We prefer cinnamon Oil in our erotic massage
session.It has a symbolism: touch and sense in harmony.
Step a step you feel better, sexually you are free and a
hot desire of caress are needed. Then, our masseuse
gives you a Long-lasting stimulating massage oil for
prolonged pleasure. It nutrishes and increases the
sexual desire. Experiment our excellent oil erotic
massage in Masajes Galileo. Nevertheless, we have
neutral oils for you if you are not interested in strong